Why Get Kosher Certificate

Orthodox Kosher Supervision India is the leading company in kosher certification in India It has a worldwide recognition as well as international alliances. The best decision for your company to get kosher certified:


1. Expand your clients/customers/consumer market worldwide.
2. The Position of your products as healthy for the general public.
3. Value added for produces.
4. Have a seal that guarantees cleanliness, quality, healthy and better hygienic food products.
5. Allows entry to your product to kosher stores and kosher food products manufacturer where products are exclusively Kosher certified.

Who Consumes kosher

1. Christians, Jews, Hindus and Muslims.
2. Consumers in general who know that kosher is safer healthier and better quality food products.
3. Vegetarians.
4. Those with dietary restrictions almost 80% of sales in kosher products are outside the Jewish world.