Kosher Certification in Gujarat

Kosher Certification in Gujarat ensures the safety of the food concerning Jewish laws. The term “Kosher” refers to the safe and healthy food, which can be consumed. There are 3 basic categories into which Kosher has been differentiated, the three of them are meat, dairy and pareve. Key points to be remembered areas

⦁ Meat and dairy products should not be taken together
⦁ Pareve refers to “neutral foods” which can be consumed either by dairy products or meat

kosher certification in gujarat

Pareve is the term defined for food that does not contain any meat and dairy products. Foods that are eligible to get the Pareve label are fruits, eggs, vegetables, grains, and fish. Concerning the Holy Bible, some specific birds and animals are considered kosher. Jewish laws must be followed by the slaughter of birds and animals, animals that are considered kosher are buffalo, sheep, and goats whereas the birds like duck, turkey, goose, and chicken are considered kosher. The kosher label applies only to those dairy products which are made up of the milk of the kosher animals only.