What does kosher mean?

#1. Kosher is a Jewish dietary law that was developed over 3,000 years ago. The word kosher comes from the Hebrew word kosher, which means “to separate.” The process of koshering is said to have originated from the Biblical practice of separating the pure from the impure and then boiling a pot to make the pure liquid kosher.what does kosher mean
There are many rules in the Torah and Talmud about what counts as kosher and the term kosher itself means “acceptable.” A kosher law, or halacha, is often referred to as a “mitzvah” in reference to the Biblical commandment to “do as you please with your property.” The Torah also uses the term kosher to mean “God-fearing.” The word pareve means “neither meat nor dairy” and refers to a food that is kosher for both meat- and dairy-based diet.

#2. The word kosher comes from a Hebrew word meaning “fit”. It describes any object or action that complies with the rules of religious law. There are rules for what can be eaten and what cannot be eaten. The rules vary according to the particulars of the religion, but generally, kosher food is one that has been prepared according to Jewish dietary law. All kosher foods must be supervised by a rabbi.